Friday, October 4, 2013

Is the IRS Getting too Political?

There are many alarming reports of the IRS acting in ways that it shouldn't by targeting political groups. The IRS is supposed to be entirely unbiased in its operations, but many reports show that the IRS is targeting GOP organizations unfairly on the orders of someone near the top. In the March tax returns it there were over 100 reports of the IRS investigating GOP groups without good reason. There were only 11 reports of the IRS targeting liberal organizations without good reason. Orders from someone near the top to agents in Cleveland made them go and investigate the records of organizations in this list. One of these agents stated that they weren't told why they were investigating. This is of the utmost concern to me because the IRS is supposed to treat everyone equally in their investigation methods. It also concerns me because this isn't the first time the IRS has targeted a group of certain people un affiliated except for their goals. Last time it was Christian organizations. I hope that the Obama administration can take care of this soon. I wouldn't like to tarnish the image of yet another democratic president with a scandal (although of a different sort than last time). 

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