Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gay Marriage: Constitutional or Not?

The main argument in favor of gay marriage is: how does it affect you?  How it affects all Christians, Muslims, and Jews is that the holy books directly forbid it. If the state recognizes a gay marriage, then it is violating the religious beliefs of about 90% of the people. They also teach that if a man engages in coitus with another man than both should be executed (Leviticus 20:13). The main argument against this is that Christians already aren't following everything the bible says. When they ask what, the only example that comes up is dietary laws. While this is true of some Jews, it isn't true of Christians or Muslims. Yes, the bible does teach against the eating of swine; however, Leviticus 11:1 clearly states that only the sons of Israel, commonly known as Israelites, are to obey the dietary laws. Most Christians are Gentiles as is evidenced by the fact that it is called the Roman Catholic Church not Catholic Church of Jerusalem (sorry but I don't know what people who live in Jerusalem are called). It is the Greek Orthodox Church not the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. Any laws made by the state which infringe on these beliefs are unconstitutional. I know of no widely recognized religion that mandates gay marriage. There is nothing in the constitution about giving everyone the right to marry whomever they wish. There is a right to not have your religious beliefs violated. There is also a major common sense argument. Most religions don't care whether the state recognizes the marriage as legal. Most people only bother to get the state involved to get the tax exemptions that are given to married couples with children. It is also done to ensure child support will be payed if a divorce happens. These also only apply if the children are biologically related to both of the parents. I think we can all safely assume that a gay couple aren't going to have children unless they adopt. Marriage isn't required to get the tax exemptions that go with adoption, nor is it required to get child support if both people sign as being the legal guardian of the child. Therefore, having gay marriage recognized by the state is both unconstitutional and completely unnecessary. If you want to call yourselves married, be my guest. 

California Attorney General, Bill Lockyer to the argument that denial of same sex marriage was a denial of fundamental rights was: "Rights are considered fundamental only if they are deeply rooted and firmly entrenched in our state's history and tradition. There is simply no deeply rooted tradition of same-sex marriage in California or in any other state."

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